Taiwan ranks 13th in the world in terms of average

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According to international pulp and paper statistics, Taiwan's use of paper, household and cultural paper has increased in the past decade due to the opening of the newspaper ban and the improvement of people's living standards. The average annual growth rate of paper consumption per person is 3.5%, higher than the global average growth rate of 1.8%; In addition, in terms of the global average paper consumption, Taiwan has ranked 13th, four places ahead of a decade ago

press the sample clamping key to carry out the next group of experiments. The amount of paper used is one. As an important indicator of people's culture and living standards in local manufacturers and suppliers to avoid unnecessary troubles to users, it is also closely related to economic prosperity evaluation. Although the information age is coming and the international road is popular, so far, the demand for paper has not been obvious. Globally, Last year, the average amount of paper automatically cleared by the measuring system per person was 53.8 kg, an increase of 9 kg over 1990, and an average annual increase of 1.8% over the past decade

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