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Taiwan yongfengyu Paper Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of a new box and board factory

2007.6.22 (risi) yongfengyu Paper Co., Ltd. (YFY), Taiwan's largest paper and board manufacturer, began to build two new box and board factories in China, one in Shanghai and the other in Fuzhou, Fujian Province

these two 6million m2/month paper processing equipment will increase yongfengyu paper's box making plants in China from 12 to 14, and the total processing capacity will increase from 52 million m2/month to 64 million m2/month, becoming China's largest box and paperboard products enterprise

the corrugated materials supplied to these two carton board factories mainly come from yongfengyu's recycled waste carton board factory in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province and the company's factory in Taiwan. Yongfengyu Paper Co., Ltd. will purchase some vermicelli and waste corrugated paper from Chinese factories and import non-metallic leather cardboard in our cars to produce high-quality cardboard boxes in the new factory

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