Taiwan will become the world's top 10 ethylene pro

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Taiwan will become the world's top 10 ethylene producers

after the completion of the expansion of Formosa Plastics' sixth light industry phase IV, Taiwan will become the world's top 10 ethylene producers. Taiwan's Ministry of economy plans to appropriately open up operators to invest in refineries in the mainland, and reward the industry to develop key chemicals and high-grade rubber and plastic materials in Taiwan, making Taiwan an Asia Pacific Petrochemical operations research center

Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. is vigorously promoting the expansion of phase IV of Yunlin No. 6 light industry. It is expected that after completion in 2008, not only will the No. 6 light industry become the world's largest single production plant of petrochemical raw materials, but Taiwan will also become the world's top 10 ethylene production sites. The annual output value of the petrochemical industry will reach more than trillion yuan, and the competitiveness of the petrochemical industry will be greatly improved. Taiwan's Industry Bureau said that in 2008, Taiwan's ethylene production capacity reached 4.34 million tons, with self-sufficiency of 96%; Aromatic hydrocarbon production is also expected to reach 5.41 million tons, with a self-sufficiency rate of 94%. Petrochemical upstream raw materials will no longer rely on imports, and there is enough strength to develop high value-added chemical raw materials to supply manufacturers inside and outside the island to produce high-tech products

especially recently, Taiwan's high-tech factories have invested in the southeast coast of the mainland. Taiwan's Ministry of economy said that the government will take advantage of the trend to develop Taiwan. The company will display various battery modules at booth 4206 in hall B4 to become a petrochemical operations research center in the Asia Pacific, providing R & D funds to guide manufacturers to develop key chemicals and rubber and plastic materials such as engineering plastic raw materials, human fiber raw materials, synthetic rubber, petrochemical intermediate products, etc

at present, South Korea, India, Singapore and Middle East countries are developing petrochemical industry, and all of them have targeted export sales. The gap of petrochemical raw materials in the mainland is still quite large, which has become the focus of attention. The Ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan believes that the government should appropriately open up petrochemical industry, but should pay attention to whether the swing rod is a zigzag tour of raw materials to invest in the mainland as a condition, in exchange for Western importers in Taiwan equivalent Q: where is the growth point of the use of engineering plastics in automobiles in the next few years? Stock capital, development of key raw materials in the midstream and operation research center in Taiwan

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