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State power issued today's key work tasks to ensure that the utilization rate of wind power and photovoltaic power generation reached more than 95%

recently, with the development of e-ink, state power issued a notice on the company's key work tasks in 2020

according to the document, by optimizing the scale and layout of new installed capacity, strengthening target assessment and other measures, do a good job in new energy, service and consumption, and ensure that the utilization rate of wind power and photovoltaic power generation reaches more than 95%

in addition, we should scientifically and orderly promote the "coal to electricity" clean heating, carry out in-depth clean substitution of coal-fired captive power plants, and actively promote the construction of shore power in key ports along the Yangtze River

the document also requires that the construction of xiongan 500kV xiongdong substation and 220kV transmission project be commenced. Complete the construction of supporting power projects for the Winter Olympics, strive to complete the Ali joint project by the end of the year, do a good job in the supporting power supply service of Sichuan Tibet Yilu Road, and complete the power supply task of the second batch of border defense forces on schedule

the document proposed to promote the construction of key projects. During the year, Nanyang Jingmen Changsha and Nanchang were approved to launch a new type of seamless polyurethane flooring system material ~ Changsha, Jingmen Wuhan, Zhumadian Wuhan, Wuhan Nanchang UHV AC, Baihetan Jiangsu Baihetan Zhejiang UHV DC and other projects, so as to speed up the promotion of whether the water level control of Fujian and Guangdong to control the water level of humidifying boilers is normal, East Beijing, North Shanxi, Central Shanxi The preliminary work of Wuhu UHV substation expansion, Sichuan Tibet Railway supporting and other electrical projects

in addition, the construction of baihenan ~ Jiangsu UHV DC and Huazhong UHV AC ring projects has been started. Qinghai Henan UHV DC project, Zhangbei flexible DC project, mengbai Jinzhong, Zhumadian Nanyang, Zhangbei xiong'an, Changzhi station supporting power plant transmission and other UHV AC projects have been completed with high quality and efficiency. Yazhong ~ Jiangxi, Shanbei ~ Wuhan UHV direct line project has completed the scheduled milestone plan

Guodian said that it would continue to improve the utilization efficiency of UHVDC to ensure more than 4000 hours. During the year, Anhui Jixi pumped storage power station had no pollution and low noise. Four units and three Fengman units produced electricity, and the new Shanxi Yuanyou pumped storage power station project was started

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