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State Grid plans to build 120000 electric vehicle public charging piles by 2020

on the 15th, it was learned from state grid that the company plans to build 120000 electric vehicle public charging piles by 2020, and build a public charging network covering all cities in Beijing Tianjin Hebei Shandong, Yangtze River Delta and major cities in other regions; On the basis of the world's largest smart car service platform that has been built so far, 3million charging piles have been connected to basically realize the "unimpeded travel in cities and worry free travel between cities" of electric vehicles

according to Jiang Bing, chairman of the state electric vehicle Corporation, the smart car service platform has realized interconnection with 19 charging pile operators, such as Nanfang power, telay, Putian, Wanbang Xingxing charging and Kelu, with a total of 170000 charging piles connected and more than 800000 registered customers. In order to solve the problems of "difficult to enter the community" and "difficult to install" of charging piles, in 2017, the company turned waste into packaging materials and completed the electrification transformation of 10000 parking spaces in 18 old communities in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities

"after 2020, electric vehicles are likely to transcend the attributes of their vehicles and become a basic unit of the future energy system. Charging piles will become the node connecting the two trillion market of new energy and electric vehicles." Jiang Bing said

"in the future, if all domestic vehicle power batteries are connected, they will be like a huge sponge, which can absorb the excess electricity of the whole electricity." Jiang Bing said that he would explore the energy storage value of electric vehicles through the smart car service platform, so that electric vehicles can be charged and discharged at the right time and place. This will not only make electricity smarter and safer, but also bring more benefits to the majority of car owners. The maximum experimental force: 0 ± 5000kN and better promote the development of green energy

from 2018 to 2020, including the smooth travel project of electric vehicles, Guodian will implement eight major services at the ward auto conference, including the beautiful rural service project, the blue sky protection electric energy substitution project, the sunshine poverty alleviation project, the energy efficiency service demonstration and guidance project, the photovoltaic cloud connecting thousands of homes project, the household sharing electrification project, and the power supply service heart connecting project

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