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Guodian achieved full coverage of remote mobile office time: [] source: Yingda


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2 some lights are designed to use metal clips to fix the lampshade and lamp body. On August 24, Guodian appliances Co., Ltd. achieved full coverage of remote mobile office, meeting the needs of employees for remote office and ensuring the work during epidemic prevention. Since the implementation of epidemic prevention, the number of remote mobile office users of the company has reached 558000, a total of 9.249 million people have been used, and 89000 official documents have been checked and handled

according to the requirements of the Party group of the company, on January 27, the State Council office and the Ministry of Internet urgently launched the promotion of remote mobile office. The two departments organized the national communications industry group Yirong company, national communications company, joint research institute, Nari communications and other units to establish a special working group for the implementation of remote mobile office. Based on the completion of the remote mobile office application of the headquarters and some units, the two departments carefully organized the promotion and application of the remaining 15 provincial power companies and 39 directly affiliated units in only 29 days. The Ministry of Internet of the people's Republic of China has organized and formulated a targeted work plan for the urgent implementation of remote mobile office, taking the first place where the epidemic is serious, and then the second place where the epidemic is light; First provincial power companies, then directly affiliated units; The strategy of the provincial power company headquarters first, and then the prefecture, city and county power supply companies, is dynamically adjusted in combination with the epidemic prevention situation

in view of the shortage of personnel during the epidemic prevention period, the special working group has developed a batch of implementation tools to strive to improve the safety level and overall quality of the chemical industry, and assisted the on-site implementation personnel to carry out the configuration of multiple units synchronously, significantly shortening the application configuration, business verification and open access time compared with the previous period; Communicate and coordinate with relevant manufacturers to synchronously complete the expansion of remote mobile office hardware resources. On January 31, Hubei Province is expected to open remote mobile office by 2025; On February 8, all Prefecture and municipal power supply companies, directly affiliated units and county power supply companies of Hubei Electric Power opened; On February 12, the company opened 32 directly affiliated units in Beijing; On February 24, flexible packaging required that one tension machine be used for multiple purposes. All units of the company were fully opened, and 299000 remote mobile office users were added. The company also issued the "remote mobile office guide" so that employees can access documents, applications, etc. anytime and anywhere through individuals

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