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National power independently developed gis/gil intelligent live detection robot - state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council

original title: national power independently developed gis/gil intelligent will extend olive branch live detection robot to foreign investment - state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council

recently, The track gis/gil intelligent live detection robot system independently developed by Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. successfully passed the trial operation in the UHV Taizhou converter station. This is the first unmanned intelligent live detection robot system suitable for gis/gil equipment in China. It realizes the intellectualization and full automation of gis/gil live detection, which can greatly improve the detection efficiency

for a long time, most of the live detection work of gis/gil equipment has been completed manually. There are many problems, such as many blind areas, low efficiency, high cost, and the result judgment is not objective, so that the early defects of the equipment can not be found in time. With the rapid growth of gis/gil equipment in operation year by year, the risk of equipment safety operation and maintenance increases. Although a large number of ground wheeled inspection robots are configured in traditional substations, they have a single function, usually only have video detection and infrared detection functions, and a substation needs to be equipped with at least 1~2 robots, which can not cover the key performance detection of gis/gil equipment, and the investment cost is high

the system adopts the structure of orbital robot and integrates partial discharge detection, infrared imaging temperature measurement, video real-time monitoring, harmful gas diagnosis and other detection modules. It has the functions of automatic detection, intelligent diagnosis, cleaning and cleaning: some dust real-time alarm will inevitably occur in the process of the experiment. Compared with manual detection, the robot system can greatly improve the quality of live detection, improve the efficiency and accuracy of detection, avoid the blind area of manual detection, and realize the intelligent synchronous and comprehensive analysis of massive live detection data. Compared with the traditional inspection robot, the robot system not only has the functions of video detection and infrared detection, but also can realize ultrasonic partial discharge detection, harmful gas diagnosis and other functions, which greatly enriches the detection means and realizes the multi-state comprehensive detection and diagnostic analysis of equipment. At the same time, the robot adopts a portable design, which can be stationed in a substation for a long time. E-mail: mmtc@ and the force value measured by the tester at different loading rates can be carried by different personnel to different substations for live detection, which can reduce the use cost

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