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On November 17, the person in charge of the transmission maintenance company of guoloudi power supply company led all the special duties and team leaders to go deep into the 220 kV zhegen line, antimony hehe line, guane line and other transmission lines to carry out party construction + supervisory inspection activities, and promote the implementation of the theme education of not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission in mind

supervisory inspection is one of the main inspection methods of transmission lines whose electrical insulation is not affected by temperature, and it is also one of the key contents of transmission line operation and maintenance supervision. With the deepening of the theme education of keeping the original intention in mind and keeping the mission firmly in mind, the transmission maintenance company takes this as the carrier, combined with the actual work of the transmission profession, expands the connotation of Party building, and runs through the theme activities such as supervisory inspection, a series of chain reactions caused by electricity overload, and the maintenance of the original intention of the steed Party member service team in the theme education, so as to make the theme education more grounded, make the theme education live, and guide the majority of employees to earnestly perform their duties, Be a pioneer in the main battlefield of safety production and achieve good results

in order to ensure that the activities achieve tangible results, the transmission maintenance company has formulated an inspection plan, which defines the work requirements and division of labor, focusing on the diagnosis of hidden dangers of mountain fires, trees and bamboos, and external damage. The timely detection and monitoring of these three hidden dangers is difficult to meet the different needs of customers, the construction of group prevention networks, and the implementation of preventive measures; Whether the equipment defects and channel conditions are consistent with the inspection records and defect reports, whether the defect characterization is accurate, whether there are omissions and misstatements, whether the defect elimination plan is formulated, whether the general defects that can be eliminated at the inspection site are eliminated in time, etc. the inspection and inspection should be carried out, and the relevant data of the PMS system should be checked step by step after rigorous training to ensure that the relevant data are consistent with the actual situation on site, so as to effectively implement the responsibility of the equipment owner, Strengthen the supervision of the operation and maintenance of transmission lines, and consolidate the foundation for the transmission lines to meet the peak in winter

carrying out party building + supervisory inspection activities at the time of the peak winter work, timely understanding the operation status of the equipment, identifying equipment defects, inspecting and guiding the inspection work of the equipment owner, and timely implementing rectification measures are undoubtedly a guarantee for the peak winter. At the same time, this supervisory inspection is also an important part of the team construction evaluation of the transmission maintenance company. We will take the inspection results as the main basis for the quarterly and annual evaluation of team construction, so as to promote the high integration of Party construction, team construction and work safety center, which can be described as killing three birds with one stone. The director of the production technology office of the company said

at present, the company's supervisory inspection work is in progress

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