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Shandong advocates consumers to use less plastic bags

in view of the fact that shopping malls, supermarkets and farmers' markets provide plastic bags free of charge, which greatly increases the difficulty of reducing the use of plastic bags, Shandong consumers' Association, together with major supermarkets and shopping centers, jointly issued a proposal this month, calling on consumers to use plastic bags as little as possible to reduce the resulting white pollution

at present, plastic bags are generally overused. Even buying a garlic will be packed in a small plastic bag. Although the tensile properties of plastics are good or bad, products are easy to use, but the white pollution caused by them has attracted more and more social attention. How to reduce the use of plastic products and eliminate white pollution has become an important environmental protection topic. In order to ensure the safety of battery products, take a city with an imported steel of 14.43 million tons and a population of 6million as an example. According to the calculation that there are three people in each family on average, if each family uses less than one plastic bag a day, the whole city can reduce the use of plastic bags by 2million, 60million in a month, and 700million but 200million in a year. (Wang Haiqing)

source: China Chemical News

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