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For the first time, Shandong arranges special financial funds to support agricultural machinery R & D and innovation

Agricultural machinery modernization is the carrier of agricultural modernization, and certainly the basic guarantee for green grain production in Shandong. Shandong allocated 40million financial special funds for the first time this year to support the R & D and innovation of agricultural machinery and enhance the competitiveness of the province's agricultural equipment industry

May is the peak sales season for grain drying equipment. This year, the new grain drying Figure 1 resin matrix composite developed by Shandong Denong company sold its sales volume in the past three years in the dry tower, which is the main utilization part of the cold end of foreign advanced aircraft engines. This stems from the upgrading of technology

the traditional drying tower can only be dried at one temperature regardless of the moisture content of grain. With the support of innovation subsidies, Denong machinery used continuous drying technology to heat every grain evenly, winning five technology patents at one stroke

suhongzhong, general manager of Shandong Denong Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said that this is dried corn. If you smell it with your nose, it has a faint fragrance, and the smell is very positive

it is not only grain drying equipment that receives innovation subsidies, but also the power shift technology of high-power tractors has been included in the subsidy plan with relatively low requirements. Futian tractor technology center, which undertakes this key project, innovatively adopts intelligent power technology, which does not need to drive. Zhang Xin introduced that people can use both hands and feet, and the power shift can be switched with one key, filling the domestic gap and improving the operation efficiency by%

zhouguiping, deputy director of the tractor technology center, said that mechanization is equivalent to carrying a 100 kilogram bag on one's back, which is very tired in a day. This is just a five kilogram bag to carry. From this physical strength, it can be so poor

among the 40million financial special funds for agricultural machinery innovation in Shandong this year, the new machinery development projects listed in the plan can receive subsidies of different grades from 500000 to 3million. It is the first time for Shandong Agricultural machinery enterprises to subsidize research and development

Gaomingfei, director of Shandong provincial agricultural machinery administration, said that this time our subsidy will enable enterprises and scientific research institutions universities to increase the research and development of new agricultural machinery, which is the first time in history and the first in the country

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