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Shandong Changlin group's micro marketing practical training activity was successfully completed

Shandong Changlin group's micro marketing practical training successfully completed the digital display table value clearing activity

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in order to further improve the group's marketing staff's overall ability to work without obvious plastic deformation when the stress is lower than the yield limit, so that more marketing staff can understand and master the concept and mode of "micro marketing", On July, the human resources department of Shandong Changlin group organized nearly 70 people to carry out micro marketing practical training activities in Changlin international hotel

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this training invited Professor Liu Dongming, a well-known domestic marketing practice lecturer and marketing teaching expert of Tsinghua University and Peking University President class, to comprehensively and systematically describe how to use software for marketing, how to position image, and how to use software from the aspects of micro marketing trend, micro marketing strategy, micro marketing practice, etc. by means of theoretical teaching, classic practical case sharing, project practice, etc How to carry out micro activities. The course content is rich and novel, the level is clear, and the combination of theory and practice has strong practicality and counterpart. This is a guide for us to take a look at the function of the power fitting tensile testing machine. For the equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulator, it has been highly praised by the trainees

this training provides employees with a good opportunity to "recharge", cultivates their competitive awareness and enterprising spirit, forms a good atmosphere of active learning and progress, makes employees work hard to learn business knowledge and improve business ability in their future work and study, constantly updates marketing concepts, makes marketing work more professional and standardized, and injects new vitality into the improvement of the core competitiveness of the group

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