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The 2008 Lihua packaging container processing series exhibition was grandly opened in Guangdong on August 28. The 2008 Lihua packaging container processing series exhibition (converting 2008), sponsored by Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and co organized by Huayin media and Reed Exhibitions group, was grandly opened in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie street, Dongguan from August 28 to 30, with an exhibition area of more than 50000 square meters. This exhibition attracted wide attention from the industry. On the first day of the exhibition alone, 11465 professional visitors were welcomed. It was praised by the industry as the wind vane of China's packaging container processing industry

with its rich and solid resource base and excellent reputation in the industry over the years, Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. comprehensively and organically integrated its three major professional exhibitions in related industries, including Lihua International Corrugated exhibition, Lihua international color box exhibition and Lihua international soft packaging exhibition, and launched a new 2008 Lihua packaging container processing series exhibition, namely converting 2008, While ensuring the professional independence of each exhibition, it also reveals the relationship and laws among them, goes deep into the supply chains of the three industries, strives to present the different processes of container processing and packaging printing to the industry in a systematic and professional way, and creates a one-stop procurement platform that can meet the needs of users for the three categories of packaging

as the largest and most influential event in the packaging and printing industry in China, 2008 Lihua packaging container processing series exhibition (converting 2008) came into being. It is duty bound to build an ideal professional platform for international exhibition, trading and exchange for the packaging and printing industry, and is committed to promoting the vigorous development of the printing and packaging industry made in China

the three-day 2008 Lihua packaging container processing series exhibition attracted more than 800 suppliers of corrugated boxes, color boxes, flexible packaging production equipment and related consumables from the global printing and packaging industry to jointly sound the horn of the 2008 Lihua packaging container processing series exhibition and present a fine event in the field of packaging and printing to the audience. BHS, Bobst, Xuheng Tiegong, Max group, xincaishun, shunjingyuan, Taiwan Youheng, Shanghai Yaoke, Nanhai Nantai, Tanabe, Tokyo Wenhong, Qingdao Meiguang, Shanghai Hongjing, Qingdao Kaifeng, Hyundai dongke, Shunde Deli, Ruian Xintai and other industry leaders all appeared with a strong lineup and comprehensively displayed their latest products and technical achievements on the scene

the grand opening of this Lihua packaging container processing series exhibition also attracted close attention from overseas buyers. On the first day of the exhibition, professionals from more than 40 countries, including Indonesia, India, Malaysia, the United States, Russia, South Korea, Japan and Tunisia, came to visit. Meanwhile, ACCA (Asian corrugated box Association), fcbm (Indian corrugated box manufacturers' Association), BPIF (British Printing Industry Association), NIPA (North India printing alliance), aifmp (All India printing industry association from general parts to structural parts and functional parts), tpcia (Taiwan Paper Industry Association) and other domestic and foreign industry associations participated in the event as partners and organized a group to visit. ACCA also joined hands with the organizers to hold its annual meeting at the same time of the exhibition to discuss the market development of the industry today, and played a positive role in promoting the prosperity and development of the corrugated box packaging industry in Asia

at the same time, 2008 Lihua packaging container processing series exhibition also received strong support from domestic industry associations, including Yunnan packaging industry association, Fujian Packaging Technology Association, Liaoning packaging and printing industry business association, Henan Packaging Technology Association, Guangzhou printing and Packaging Association, Shenzhen printing industry association, Shenzhen packaging industry association, Chengdu packaging Technology Association, Chongqing Packaging Technology Association Ruian printing industry association, Heshan Printing Association and gravure printing branch of China Printing Technology Association have also organized large visiting groups to visit the site

this Lihua packaging container processing series exhibition closely follows the current hot topics and industry needs of the global packaging and printing industry. At the same time, it held a seminar on cost control for carton enterprises, a training meeting on the new labor law for packaging and printing enterprises, and relevant policies and standards for plastic shopping bags where people found abnormal noise or short circuit in equipment The latest corrugated board national standard promotion conference and several technical seminars will focus on the hot operation and simplicity issues in the industry. The China tobacco brand anti-counterfeiting technology face-to-face cigarette label boutique exhibition, world star award winning works boutique exhibition, China innovation achievements boutique exhibition and new corrugated products exhibition area also provide reference for the audience to explore new markets and find new profit growth points in the market

according to Mr. hewenxiong, the managing director of the organizer Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the birth of the 2008 Lihua packaging container processing series exhibition provides a valuable opportunity to achieve the common goals and hopes of the packaging container processing industry, It is believed that the linkage effect of the three leading exhibitions in related industries and the holding of the analysis period, which is certainly from the control itself, will further promote the development of the packaging and printing industry in China and even the world, and bring more exchanges and cooperation to the exhibitors and professional visitors present

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