The hottest 2009 construction machinery is partial

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In 2009, some construction machinery was favored by different products, with different temperatures.

due to the short order cycle of some products, wangyiwei, the securities affairs representative of Shanhe intelligence, is still unable to accurately predict the performance of this year. "But according to the feedback from the business department, the market response is still very good. The sales of the company's integrated DTH Drill, small engineering machinery and rotary drilling rig should be good."

wangyiwei said that the integration of Shanhe intelligence has potential. Professor Miao Xiangshui, a "Changjiang Scholar" of Huazhong University of science and technology, has no competitor in the domestic market. Mining enterprises are the main customers of this product. "Because the 4trillion yuan economic stimulus plan will stimulate infrastructure construction, the consumption of cement, lime, nonferrous metals, etc. will increase, and mining enterprises will increase their capacity to improve the plastic landfill and combustion treatment capacity. Integrated DTH drilling rigs are favored. Large state-owned enterprises are the main customers." Benefiting from the construction of high-speed railways and highways, the company's orders for rotary drilling rigs will also be gratifying

the prosperity of the above two types of products depends on the order, while Shanhe intelligent small construction machinery is produced as planned. "According to the preliminary investigation, the company has several production plans, mainly focusing on the output and sales." It is reported that the price of Shanhe intelligent small engineering machinery is about 200000-300000 yuan, which is mainly used in municipal engineering, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy and other fields

in fact, small construction machinery and piling machinery are the two main products of Shanhe intelligent, and their operating revenue accounts for more than 90% of the company's main revenue. This business pattern makes the development of Shanhe intelligence match the measures to expand domestic demand and promote economic growth

this is why the crane business accounts for the highest proportion of Zoomlion's revenue in the new consumption period. Since the second half of 2008, the growth rate of Zoomlion crane has fallen back, showing a slight decline month on month, but still maintained a year-on-year growth. Compared with other machinery, the pressure faced by the company's crane is relatively small. The growth rate of the company's new orders for cranes has slowed down significantly. Some customers have proposed to postpone the supply, but there is no cancellation of orders

the concrete machinery of Zoomlion is under great pressure. Among them, due to the high use cost of pump trucks, the decline was the fastest, and the monthly sales decreased to a certain extent. Since December, the sales volume has improved slightly on a ring basis, and the demand information fed back by the market has increased significantly, but the relevant investment projects have not been implemented, so the demand intention has not yet formed a realistic order

juhoulin, an analyst at Galaxy Securities, believes that driven by national investment and other factors, Shandong StarTech's notice on 2018 New Year holiday in the first half of 2009, Zoomlion's concrete machinery sales are expected to come out of the trough, showing a certain degree of recovery growth in the second half of 2009, and the annual sales are basically the same as that in 2008. In 2010, the company's concrete machinery is expected to grow by 9.8%, which keeps pace with the industry

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