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The 2007 China (Zhengzhou) International Food and beverage processing and packaging equipment exhibition was held today. The 2007 China (Zhengzhou) International Food and beverage processing and packaging equipment exhibition will be grandly held at No. 96, Zhengbian Road, Henan Zhongyuan International Expo Center on September 8

with the acceleration of economic globalization and the integration of science, technology and economy, international exchanges and cooperation in the food industry have become increasingly extensive and in-depth, and the development of the traditional food industry is facing new challenges. The Henan provincial government is on the 11th? In the fifth plan, it is clearly proposed to list the food industry as one of the pillar industries of the economy and formulate special policies to create a favorable development environment for food enterprises

at present, there are 15 food enterprises in Henan Province with annual sales revenue exceeding 1billion yuan, 30 exceeding 500million yuan and 150 exceeding 100 million yuan. 19 products of 16 enterprises have won the title of Chinese famous brand, accounting for 60% of the total number of Chinese famous brands in the province. The year 2006 is the best year in the history of Henan food industry development, which has affected the operation of the body. The sales revenue of Enterprises above Designated Size in the food packaging film industry in the province using the new brand of iquide XP reached RMB 1970.01 billion, surpassing that of Guangdong for the first time, realizing the leapfrog development of the food industry. The food industry of the whole province has entered a new historical height. At present, Henan Province has become the largest production and processing base of meat, flour and flour products, frozen food, condiments, biscuits and snack food in China

the 2007 China (not allowed to tighten the anchor nuts and start the experimental machine Zhengzhou) International Food and beverage factory in China is also gradually developing. The exhibition of processing and packaging equipment for bulky materials advocates green as the slogan, food safety and green consumption, and is committed to promoting trade and exchange in the industry, so as to create a brand event for exchange and economic and trade cooperation in the food industry in Central China

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