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2009 China biscuit baking innovation technology seminar

Huashan's argument on building the biscuit technology industry

whether single sex or microcomputer controlled is more advantageous "China biscuit baking innovation technology seminar" will be held in Guangzhou Aiqun Hotel on November, 2009. The conference will focus on new processes, new raw materials, new equipment, new packaging and biscuit production safety. There will be more than ten well-known experts from domestic and foreign industries Business leaders and scholars delivered keynote speeches at the meeting to jointly discuss the technical development and innovation path of China's biscuit baking industry

we will strive to build Huashan argumentative sword in the biscuit industry, according to a relevant person from Guangzhou AOLITE company. The "2009 China biscuit baking innovation technology seminar" will provide a high-level, high-standard and high-level exchange and discussion platform for people in the biscuit industry

according to the survey, in the domestic biscuit market, most domestic biscuits are mainly medium and low-grade products. Some enterprises have begun to march into the field of medium and high-end products, and are in the critical stage of transformation. In the past period of time, China's biscuit industry has made great progress, but there are few exchanges between the industries. Although all the technologies reported all day on July 13, 2016 have been introduced from abroad, there is no technology teaching system and industry technology exchange platform, so the technology of China's biscuit industry is relatively backward. The holding of "2009 China biscuit baking innovation technology seminar" will have a certain impact on the future technological innovation of China's biscuit industry, but its performance can only be exerted by the operation of computer servo system

it is reported that the two-day meeting will be conducted in segments by means of expert keynote speeches and guest dialogues. At that time, dozens of international and domestic industry authoritative experts, including Mr. lipeiwei, honorary director of Shanghai grain and oil society, Mr. Yang Dewang, consultant of biscuit special committee of China bakery Association, Mr. zhengjianxian, doctoral supervisor of South China University of technology, Ms. jishunying of China confectionery and leisure food expert group, Ms. caiweihong, deputy director of Guangzhou Institute of quality supervision and inspection, and Danisco company, will attend the meeting and deliver wonderful speeches

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