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Review of the top ten events in the basic electronics industry in 2007

the advent of 45nm products and the advent of a new era of integrated circuits

Feng Xiaowei

Event Review: November 12, 2007, "Intel has released 16 servers and high-end PC processors produced by 45 nm process, marking the official launch of 45 nm integrated circuit products into the application field. It is expected that by the third or fourth quarter of 2008, the number of Intel's 45 nm products will exceed 65 nm products. The next day, Qualcomm announced that it had completed its first call using 3G chips manufactured based on tsmc45 nm process technology. On December 10, Italian French semiconductor announced that Bu successfully launched the first batch of functional chips using cmos45nm RF manufacturing technology

comments: as the world's leading manufacturing enterprises have announced that they have stepped into the threshold of 45 nm, the global semiconductor industry has entered the "45 nm era". In the competition of high-end technology, Intel continues to lead the industry with its strong strength. The structure of "high-k medium + metal gate" not only breaks through the physical limit, but also extends the "life" of Moore's law, which has become another milestone of CMOS technology. For the IC manufacturing enterprises in mainland China, we don't need to deliberately participate in the competition of the most cutting-edge technology, but should devote ourselves to solving the current problems and do a good job in front of us; Of course, we can't be satisfied with being an audience. If we can find excellent partners, we can seize the opportunity and achieve leapfrog development

polysilicon investment boom surging domestic production capacity has been released in succession original position

Liang Hongbing

Event Review: in 2007, the national Torch Plan Ningjin solar silicon material industry base and Jinzhou silicon material and solar cell industry base were officially listed. In March, Sichuan Xinguang silicon 1000 ton polysilicon project was successfully commissioned. In September, the foundation of the polysilicon project of Tianhong silicon industry was laid. In June, aerospace electromechanical built a 1500 ton polysilicon production plant in Inner Mongolia. In July, Ningbo electronic information industry group invested an additional 70million yuan in Ningbo Jingyuan solar energy Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary, to expand the production of polysilicon chips. In August, Jiangxi Savi polysilicon plant broke ground

comments: it is still difficult to decide whether this phenomenon of photovoltaic projects is a good thing. Behind the upsurge of investment in polysilicon, we should also see that there are many deficiencies in the domestic crystalline silicon technology between real clamping devices under the promotion of polycrystalline silicon. Although many domestic enterprises have begun to involve in this field or further expand production capacity, due to the backward technology, the development of polysilicon also faces many problems. Major polysilicon producing countries in the world are actively seeking new processes and technologies. This research and development work is very active, and there have been many new achievements and technological breakthroughs. This also indicates that a new leap in the industrialized production technology of polysilicon in the world is coming. If China's polysilicon industry wants to seize this opportunity, it needs a major breakthrough in technology

speed up the pace of line construction and production expansion and enhance the strength of IC manufacturing

Feng Xiaowei

Event Review: on September 8, 2007, Intel 12 inch chip manufacturing plant with a total investment of $2.5 billion laid the foundation in Dalian. On November 5, the foundation laying ceremony of the new Italian French semiconductor packaging plant was held in Shenzhen. On December 10, SMIC announced that its 12 inch chip production line in Shanghai had entered the formal operation stage. On August 8, Jiangsu Changdian technology's new IC plant with an annual output of 5billion pieces was officially put into operation

comments: at the end of the "No. 18 document" and the new support policies for the semiconductor industry have not yet been introduced, some investors and entrepreneurs may be on the sidelines for the time being. But for the international mainstream manufacturers, only the market prospect is the most important weight to determine their investment strategy, which is fully illustrated by the actions of Intel, Italy France and SMIC. Under the temptation of this big cake in the Chinese market, by the end of 2007, the cumulative total investment of Intel and SMIC in mainland China had reached $4billion and $5.2 billion respectively; After the construction of Longgang new plant is completed, the total investment of Italy and France in Shenzhen alone will exceed US $1billion. The scale of integrated circuit manufacturing in China continues to expand, and the level of process technology continues to rise. By the time Intel Dalian 12 inch plant and SMIC Wuhan 12 inch plant are put into production, mainland China will have five 12 inch production lines, and the lithography accuracy will reach 65 nm

green laws and regulations continue to be implemented, electronic manufacturing faces the test

Liang Hongbing

Event Review: on March 1, the administrative measures for pollution control of electronic information products (China RoHS) jointly formulated by the Ministry of information industry and the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of customs, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, and the State Environmental Protection Administration was officially implemented. Since August 11, the EU EuP Directive has been officially transformed into the regulations of EU Member States. It is the third "green barrier" set by the EU after RoHS and WEEE. In addition, China is speeding up the policy formulation for e-waste. Corresponding to the European Union WEEE, the draft of the regulations on the administration of recycling and disposal of waste household appliances drafted by the national development and Reform Commission has been officially submitted to the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council for review

comments: the implementation of RoHS has greatly increased the cost pressure of China's electronic information enterprises. EuP Directive also deserves attention. The wide coverage and high requirements of EuP are unprecedented, which will seriously affect the development of China's electronic and electrical industry and related industries and product exports. In today's economic globalization, the role and influence of any country in the world formulating laws and regulations related to trade will not be limited to its own scope. Therefore, formulating their own relevant laws and regulations tit for tat will become an important means of checks and balances between different countries in international trade

the market promotes changes, and semiconductor enterprises integrate frequently original location


Event Review: in 2007, semiconductor enterprises at home and abroad accelerated their integration. In mid February, NXP announced the purchase of the aero transceiver, aerofone single chip and power amplifier product lines of siliconlabs; On May 22, Intel, STMicroelectronics and franciscopartners announced the joint establishment of an independent flash memory company; On September 10, MediaTek announced the acquisition of Othello and softfone chip product lines under ADI, a chip manufacturer; On November 28, China Resources Shanghua announced that it would acquire all the semiconductor business shares held by China Resources Lizhi by issuing shares with a total price of about HK $1.489 billion; On December 10, Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pacific Group announced its shareholding in WISTA chip company

comments: the enterprise integration in the semiconductor industry was "messy and charming" in 2007. No matter how the outside world guessed, it was the positioning of the enterprise itself and the judgment of the enterprise on the product market direction that ultimately played a decisive role. It should be said that the overall performance of the semiconductor industry in 2007 was lower than expected, which had a certain impact on the accelerated integration of global semiconductor enterprises; However, according to the analysis of industry experts, this year's opening and closing may only be a warm-up, and there will be more large-scale integration in 2008

flat panel display is more concerned. The profits of panel enterprises have improved. Original position

Liang, but high-end fine powder products below 7 microns have not increased year-on-year. Review of the event: Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Park was officially listed as the "national (Shanghai) flat panel display device Industrial Park" in May this year. In March, the first TFT-LCD production line of Shanwei Xinli Semiconductor Co., Ltd. began to enter the stage of equipment installation and commissioning. In September, AU Optronics announced the official launch of its new manufacturing base in Xiamen to produce large, medium and small-sized LCD panel modules. In October, BOE's 4.5 generation TFT-LCD production line project was settled in Chengdu. The TFT-LCD project of BOE technology group, which has been losing money for many years, achieved profit in the third quarter of this year. In December, Changhong established Sichuan Hongshi Display Technology Co., Ltd. to enter the OLED market. Comments: before the official listing of the national (Shanghai) flat panel display device Industrial Park, there were at least 6 industrial parks related to display devices, such as Xianyang in Shaanxi, Anyang in Henan, Wujiang in Jiangsu, Fuzhou in Fujian, Nanjing in Jiangsu, Foshan in Guangdong, etc. compared with Shanghai flat panel display device Industrial Park, it did not directly highlight the industrial characteristics of "flat panel display". Flat panel display is becoming one of the key industries at the national level. On the one hand, BOE's profit this year shows the improvement of the company's internal management level, on the other hand, it also benefits from the improvement of the external market environment. The arrival of the LCD era, the evolution of industrial game rules and competition pattern, and the changes in the clear situation of supply and demand have all prompted BOE to achieve profits during the year

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