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All units of Fangyuan group organized Internal observation activities

May 26, 2017 is the 24th anniversary of the founding of Fangyuan group and the 47th Anniversary of the establishment of the factory. In order to celebrate this happy day, Fangyuan group and all units carefully dressed up the factory appearance and created many bright projects and new products. In order to enhance the collective sense of honor and pride of the vast number of employees who love Fangyuan, all units organize employees to carry out internal observation activities, so as to achieve the purpose of mutual learning and mutual inspection, complementary plastic materials have developed quite well, and mutual promotion

all units of Fangyuan group organize internal observation activities

carefully dress up the factory appearance

visit highlight projects and new products

recently, all units have organized personnel to carry out internal observation, so as to communicate with each other, learn from each other, complement each other, improve themselves, innovate management methods, and achieve overall improvement

Internal observation

visit products

this activity has received a positive response from all units. In the observation of the packaging materials brought by guanalways, which determines the size of fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation, you can visit the bright spot project newly created by Fangyuan group, and observe the on-site management, innovation and innovation, product quality, safe and civilized production, cultural publicity Environmental greening and other aspects of work have been greatly improved and great changes have taken place

observe the scene

by visiting and observing, all units can support themselves by comparing the rectification of VOC with the reform of all industrial chains and the strengthening of management and control, find gaps and deficiencies, achieve the purpose of learning from each other, and promote the work of the group to a higher level

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