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On demand, H3C provides "smart" network services for PICC

ctiforum on November 30 (Li Wenjie): Recently, Hangzhou H3C Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as H3C) successfully won the bid for the 2014 and 2015 resident maintenance service project of PICC. The new it intelligent assistance service solutions provided by H3C, including equipment maintenance, network intelligent inspection, technical training, engineering assistance and on-site duty at critical moments, will play a very important role in ensuring the stability of PICC network, reducing operation and maintenance costs, and promoting the innovative development of PICC business

PICC P & C is a large comprehensive insurance company in China. With the rapid expansion of business and the rapid growth of network scale, the maintenance, update configuration and unified management of network equipment occupy a lot of energy in the IT department. PICC P & C needs to increase network operation and maintenance personnel to ensure business stability

based on PICC's business strategy and operation and maintenance needs, H3C has customized a set of new it intelligent service solutions for it. The plan uses intelligent software and tools, supplemented by the best practices accumulated by Baixing Baiye service, to make intelligent perception from the three aspects of PICC's business objectives, service maturity and it architecture, and moves randomly according to the needs, so as to ensure the continuous operation of PICC network with faster, accurate and predictable services, so as to save human and financial costs

H3C has been serving PICC for many years. Previously, PICC foshannan data center, Yizhuang data center, backbone, international trade headquarters and other offices have adopted the relevant network equipment provided by H3C. This time, PICC chose H3C again, which fully demonstrates the recognition that the majority of users of H3C can combine their own conditions to choose mobile service advantages in the process of selection

with the deep integration of business and it architecture, enterprises also have higher requirements for new IT operation and maintenance services. This time PICC adopts the new it intelligent service solution of H3C, which will provide more references for the future industry network operation and maintenance. At the same time, H3C will also adhere to the warm and professional service concept (6) Tianjin Zhongwang 1 with the official establishment of the automobile lightweight non-metallic materials industry alliance, the annual output of 1.8 million tons of aluminum strip project equipment has been put into trial production. What is more gratifying is the technology and service advantages of the internal and external panels that can be formed smoothly with a mold common to steel plates, so as to comprehensively serve more partners and create a better future

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