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Department of Finance: in principle, it is necessary to purchase domestic devices and strictly restrict imports. On August 24, the Department of finance of Guangdong Province issued the letter on the reply to the proposal No. 3 of the 12th CPPCC Provincial Committee, in which the proposal on supporting the promotion and application of domestic large-scale medical equipment was approved by the Provincial Department of science and technology, the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, the Provincial Health Commission and other units, The reply to the relevant situation is as follows:

Article 13 of the guiding opinions of the general office of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry (GBF [2016] No. 11) stipulates that if domestic drugs and medical devices can meet the requirements, government procurement projects must purchase domestic products in principle, We have great control over gradually improving public health care. This hybrid design can also be applied to the domestic equipment configuration level of the supporting parts of motor vehicles

last year, the Provincial Department of science and technology, together with the Guangdong Provincial Health Commission and the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration, issued key special guidelines for the "high-end medical devices" of the R & D plan in key areas, focusing on supporting the breakthrough of key technical bottlenecks restricting the innovation and development of the industry in the fields of medical imaging equipment, advanced treatment equipment, biomedical materials and implant (Introduction) devices, in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents, Develop a number of equipment and instruments, core components, new biomaterials, etc. with independent intellectual property rights that are also conducive to measuring the wear dispersion of the friction surface, so as to further strengthen the characteristics and advantages of Guangdong Province in the field of medical devices

actively encourage users of public medical devices to give priority to the configuration of domestic independent brand class B large-scale medical equipment, and gradually improve the configuration level of domestic medical equipment. The Provincial Department of science and technology, together with nine departments including the Provincial Health Commission, jointly issued the "several policies and measures on promoting the innovative development of biomedicine", encouraging medical institutions in Guangdong to increase the purchase proportion of innovative drugs and medical devices with definite curative effect, controllable quality and stable supply

The news on August 24 pointed out that Guangdong Province will actively promote the share of domestic large-scale medical equipment in provincial medical institutions

under the premise of not violating the existing laws, the provisions of the measures for the administration of government procurement of imported products (CAI Ku [2007] No. 119) shall be strictly implemented. Government procurement should purchase domestic products. If the products that the purchaser needs to purchase cannot be obtained within the territory of China or cannot be obtained with reasonable commercial conditions, and if there is a need to purchase imported products as otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, audit management shall be implemented

a provincial list of imported products will be established, and the provincial health commission will take the lead in organizing experts to compare and demonstrate the relevant parameters of domestic and foreign similar products of medical equipment one by one, and formulate a list of imported products for the parameters that cannot be achieved by domestic products, and implement dynamic Management (re demonstrate after one year. During this period, if domestic products meet the above requirements, if they can be achieved before hanging the mold, they will be removed from the list)

in the 2020 department budget preparation, the provincial medical institutions that intend to purchase imported products shall prepare the government procurement budget of the items in the import list. If there are still domestic products that meet the demand to participate in the procurement competition due to information asymmetry and other reasons, they shall not be restricted and shall be purchased in accordance with the principle of fair competition

next, the provincial department will strictly implement the relevant provisions that government procurement should purchase domestic products according to the work deployment of deepening the reform of government procurement in our province. First, dynamically manage the import list of provincial medical institutions of the Provincial Health Commission, and timely follow up and adjust it; Optimize the approval process of imported products purchased by the government, advance the approval of government procurement to the budget link, and require the purchaser to reasonably determine the procurement demand and procurement budget from the source

the second is to explore the establishment of a government procurement result evaluation system to comprehensively and objectively evaluate the fund saving, policy efficiency, transparency and specialization level of government procurement. Third, implement the relevant provisions of the notice of the Ministry of Finance on promoting fair competition in government procurement and optimizing the business environment (CAI Ku [2019] No. 38), and promote fair competition in the field of government procurement and optimize the business environment in our province

grassroots institutions should choose domestic

Guangdong Provincial Health Commission should actively increase support for the configuration and licensing of domestic independent brand large-scale medical equipment

for medical device users to apply for large-scale medical equipment configuration license, in practice, it is clear that domestic equipment should be selected in principle for medical institutions below the city (county) level to configure large-scale medical equipment for the first time, for medical institutions at the city (county) level to configure the second or more, for medical institutions above the prefecture level to configure the third or more, and for specific specialty use

at the same time, simplify the approval procedures for the configuration of domestic large-scale medical equipment, optimize the approval services, adjust the approval time limit for the configuration of class B large-scale medical equipment from the legal 20 working days to 8 working days, and implement the "do it immediately and do it on time". According to statistics, the proportion of domestic products with independent brands in the allocation of medical device users in our province has reached about 14%

the provincial health commission will continue to strengthen its support for domestic self-made products in the organization of large-scale medical equipment configuration license. 4. The following cases are not within the scope of warranty. In particular, we will increase support for seven categories of products, including the first set of products, products of the achievement transformation project of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, products of talent projects recognized by the Organization Department of the central and provincial Party committees, products produced in Guangdong, products of domestic initiative recognized by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, innovative products recognized by the State Food and drug administration, and products obtained from the "Zhujiang talent plan" team enterprises

at the same time, in the year-round configuration, we will focus on supporting the increase of the proportion of Guangdong's independently developed and produced innovative products that meet one of the above seven categories, continue to support the innovative development and achievement transformation of medical devices, and do a good job in the research on the government's first purchase system of the first set of domestic medical devices and equipment and the identification of relevant domestic first products in accordance with the unified deployment of the country and the specific requirements of the province, Continue to organize enterprises in our province to increase the production of medical equipment and promote the promotion and application of equipment in medical institutions

On July 30, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance issued a notice on regulating the approval of provincial single source procurement methods and the approval and management of imported products, which pointed out that the government should strictly approve imported products

if one of the following conditions is met, the purchaser can purchase imported products:

those that cannot be obtained in China or cannot be obtained with reasonable commercial conditions; Purchasing for use outside China; There are similar products in China, but they cannot meet the actual demand, and it is really necessary to purchase imported products; Provincial Colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and the undertaking units of the projects that use the provincial social science project funds to purchase scientific research instruments and equipment purchase scientific research instruments and equipment

in the process, if the purchaser intends to purchase imported products, he should invite experts to conduct professional argumentation before the procurement activities, and the experts should objectively and independently put forward specific argumentation opinions

if the products to be purchased include domestic similar products, imported products are not allowed to be purchased in principle. If it is really necessary to purchase imported products, the purchaser shall apply from the necessity and irreplaceable of imported products, and the substantive impact of purchasing domestic similar products on the work. The argumentation expert shall objectively and independently demonstrate the purchaser's application reasons, and the argumentation opinions shall be complete, clear and clear, and filled in manually by the argumentation expert in accordance with the prescribed format

Guangdong Provincial Health Commission has issued the publicity on the list of imported products of provincial health institutions in 2019, which includes 132 kinds of medical equipment and 73 kinds of reagents included in the list of imported products of provincial health institutions in 2019

in addition to the 132 medical equipment products included in the list of imported products, provincial public hospitals need to purchase domestic products in principle in government procurement

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