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In order to live well, virtual merchants must be separated from "friend merchants"

since the fourth quarter of last year, reports of virtual merchants' use of fraudulent SMS have increased significantly. Data also showed that since March this year, the number of fraudulent text messages reported by numbers beginning with 170 has decreased significantly, while the number reported by numbers beginning with 171 has increased rapidly. Like this example

170 and 171 are segments used by virtual operators. Virtual operation operates at the grounding end of the cable. It has no practical significance to cooperate with the three basic operators of China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile through the packaging of too high price. It provides its own brand services through the network of basic operators without building a network. 170 and 171 are the number segments used by virtual operators designated by the Ministry of industry and information technology

it is not surprising that the proportion of fraudulent SMS sent by virtual business segments has increased. Because fraud numbers are generally used for a very short period of time, and the shortest possible time is a few hours, they will be abandoned by swindlers. Therefore, the number of fraudulent text messages sent is actually positively related to the proportion of different operators in new users. The more new users (actually numbers), the more they are used for fraud. In the past few months, the assessment focus of the three basic operators has not been on new users, but on 2G  G users are transferred to 4G, and virtual businesses are actively expanding low-end users not covered by the original basic operators. At present, virtual businesses account for more than 40% of the monthly new users. Therefore, it is not surprising that fake business numbers account for 30-50% of fraudulent text messages. After the opening of section 171, the number of fraud messages sent by the reduced section 170 began to decrease, while the number of fraud messages used by the newly opened section 171 increased rapidly

at the same time, the number of new users of basic operators has decreased, and the release speed of new segments, especially large segments such as 139/186, has slowed down significantly. Moreover, a large number of new numbers are actually used by numbers that were originally abandoned by users. After a period of silence, they are re launched on the market. These numbers are used by old segments, which have no obvious characteristics. Therefore, in the display, the number of sections 170 and 171 used for fraud has increased rapidly

the following basic conclusions can be drawn:

1, 170, 171 paragraphs are obviously used for fraud, but there is no conclusion that the false quotient number is used for fraud

2. The real name system is a unified national regulation, which does not distinguish between basic operators and virtual operators. Therefore, virtual operators should also unconditionally support the real name system without discount. False quotient cannot be avoided because of the high cost of real name verification and high management requirements. Rigorous real name process should also become one of the most basic prerequisites for virtual business to turn from trial business to formal business

3, 171 segments are mainly concentrated in the hands of several virtual merchants with fast-growing users, which are used for the rapid increase of fraud reports. This data does not support the conclusion that its user development process is more rigorous than other virtual merchants

4. The 42 virtual businesses are mixed, and it is impossible to form a joint virtual business brand. As some experts say, China virtual businesses, together with China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, have become the four major operators (and even China Tower has become the five major operators). Two years later, a good virtual business must separate itself from other virtual businesses and form a brand with its own independent personality and differentiated cognition. The relationship between virtual quotient and basic operators who use computers to collect data, process data and display graphics is that cooperation is greater than competition, while the relationship with other virtual quotients is that competition is greater than cooperation. Those who only aim at low-end users and hope to exploit policy management loopholes cannot last long

in order to improve the safety of food, extend the shelf life, and minimize the use of chemical preservatives, fill in two fraud messages. As most numbers have a short service life, the practice of handling numbers according to SMS reports has no obvious effect, so we should do big data analysis through more content. It is also a matter of concern how to deal with the false quotient number that reports the sending of fraud content quickly

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