In order to control the dangerous situation of the

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It's urgent. In order to control the dangerous situation of the barrier lake,

after packaging, you can immediately deliver goods to the disaster area! Master Wang, who is in charge of product packaging in Mike company, looked at the clock on the wall. It was less than 20:00. We can catch the last flight to Kunming. Master Wang finally breathed a sigh of relief

as the packing box loaded with high-precision input water level sensor mpm4700 was sent to Xianyang Airport, Mike sensor Co., Ltd. successfully completed the production task of water level measuring instruments for barrier lakes in Ludian earthquake stricken areas in Yunnan Province urgently assigned by the Ministry of water resources, and made its own contribution to the rescue of disaster areas

the domestic situation will promote more enterprises to go international

at 16:30 on August 3, a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 broke out in Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, and hundreds of lives disappeared instantly. People all over the country mourn for their compatriots in the disaster area! At the same time, the collapsed mountains blocked the Niulan River, and the barrier lake formed by the landslide posed a fatal threat to the downstream disaster areas, and the danger was at stake

due to the sudden incident, conventional means cannot be used to measure the water level of the barrier lake. Manual on-site measurement will lead to great personal danger, and the continuous rise of the water level of the barrier lake has brought great difficulties to the elimination of dangerous situations. The experts of the Ministry of water resources on site are extremely anxious. Without accurate measurement data, it will be difficult to make a correct response plan

at 14:00 on August 5, the information of water level measurement products was urgently needed on site, and it was urgently transmitted to MIC sensor Co., Ltd., a leading domestic sensor enterprise. The full-time employees felt great. From technology to production, from inspection to packaging, relying on a good production assurance system and a strong semi ofo founder, Dai Wei, said that the finished product inventory was green all the way, The tasks that other manufacturers need at least 10 working days to complete were completed in just 5 hours, and each process was orderly

in fact, Mike company has no stock of the water level sensor with a range of 50 meters and a range of 100 meters required this time. In addition, the quantity required this time is so large that even the experts of the Ministry of water resources are not sure. Can we get the product at the specified time of the metal tensile testing machine? When the staff of the Ministry of water resources received these valuable products at Kunming airport for the first time, they couldn't help but thank Mike company for its important contributions to earthquake relief

On August 6, Master Wang looked at the announcer of CCTV channel and said: at present, the water level of the barrier lake has reached 1172 above sea level 53 meters, about to reach the dam crest, the on-site headquarters are organizing the implementation of blasting. Master Wang affirmed that this blasting will be successful

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