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Shaoxing: printing and dyeing eliminated 500million meters of chemical fiber and eliminated 100000 tons recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued to all localities the target task of eliminating backward production capacity in 2011, involving 18 industries. Among them, printing and dyeing chemical fiber bears the brunt. The elimination targets of the two industries are 1.73 billion meters and 349700 tons respectively. Shaoxing County is one of the national printing and dyeing industrial bases, and also a key area to eliminate backward printing and dyeing production capacity this time

the elimination task is not light

yesterday, it was learned from the county economic and information technology bureau that Shaoxing County has received the target task of eliminating backward production capacity from the superior, which is 500million meters of printing and dyeing and 100000 tons of chemical fiber. According to the briefing on the elimination of backward production capacity held by the provincial Commission of economy and information technology on May 13, according to the arrangement, the enterprises involved should dismantle the main equipment and production lines of backward production capacity before the end of September this year. Meanwhile, 72 clay brick and tile kilns in the province will be shut down before the end of December this year

it is understood that the so-called backward production capacity is actually relative to the first statistics into the production capacity, and the backward production capacity is constantly changing with the continuous innovation and breakthrough of industrial technology, process and equipment. Due to the outstanding structural contradictions accumulated for a long time, there are a certain proportion of backward production capacity in key high energy consuming and polluting industries such as steel-making, papermaking, tanning, printing and dyeing, cement and chemical fiber

it is understood that last year, Shaoxing County eliminated 710million meters of printing and dyeing and 69400 tons of chemical fiber, involving more than 40 enterprises and 600 sets of backward equipment. According to the target decomposition task of eliminating backward production capacity in 2011, this year, the elimination of backward production capacity in the printing and dyeing industry in the province is mainly implemented in our county, and the eliminated equipment is backward dyeing and finishing production lines

elimination is to upgrade

eliminating backward production capacity does not mean shutting down the enterprise, but only the backward part of the enterprise. Some only involve a certain production line of the enterprise, and some only involve a certain number of equipment of the enterprise. "In addition to the overall closure of several small workshops, the vast majority of obsolete backward production capacity only accounts for a small part of the total production capacity of enterprises. Many enterprises will take this opportunity to update equipment and improve processes to achieve transformation and upgrading." The relevant person in charge of the county economic and Information Bureau said so

elimination is for transformation and upgrading, which is supported by enterprises that eliminated backward production capacity equipment last year. Recently, I saw the backward production lines eliminated last year on the open space of Haitong printing and dyeing plant in Binhai Industrial Zone. "The water and electricity saving effects of this production line can no longer keep up with the requirements of current production management." At the end of last year, Haitong printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. became the first printing and dyeing enterprise in Hailiang energy phase to implement energy contract management. Its advanced production line is the advantage of this cooperation

there are rewards for eliminating backward production capacity

both iron fist management and financial incentives. Recently, the National Central Government has issued a policy to reward the elimination of backward production capacity. With regard to the printing and dyeing industry, the 74 production lines eliminated in 2011, 2012 and 2013 in the first three years of the 12th Five Year Plan period, the pre-treatment production lines and post-treatment production lines, printing production lines, 1-machine multi-purpose continuous dyeing production lines, and intermittent dyeing machines with bath ratio of more than 1:10 are included in the scope of the central government's financial incentives. The awarded enterprises shall be in normal production status in the past three years, and the annual actual convergence advantage output is more than 20% less than the production capacity approved by the project

8.06 million yuan, which is the amount of subsidy and reward given by the provincial government finance to the county to eliminate backward production capacity enterprises last year. "We have just learned that we will distribute the award funds to all enterprises according to the relevant proportion." The relevant person in charge of the county economic and Information Bureau said

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