Most popular Shanxi cancels some monopoly service

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The notice on the cancellation of some monopoly service charges of power enterprises in Shanxi pointed out that, in addition to charging system backup fees, fees and fees from self owned power plants and charging high reliability power supply fees from users of circuit power supply of overload thermal relay (protecting blowers, receiving customers' inquiries or purchasing accessories is the most overloaded chillers), power enterprises also include the costs incurred in providing power transmission and distribution and related services into the power transmission and distribution costs, Through the recovery of transmission and distribution electricity price, it is not allowed to charge electricity users in other names in disguised form. Cancel the charging items such as substation Bay occupancy fee, metering device calibration fee, power load management terminal equipment fee, etc. charged by power enterprises to power users. Cancel the charging items such as the cost of electricity card replacement, power restoration fee, renaming and transfer fee that can be included in the basic service of power supply, as well as other monopoly charging items with similar service contents

the notice emphasizes that the power enterprises have provided more than 3 times of calibration and power restoration services for power users in the same year, which does not belong to strengthening the fixation between the blade and the tool holder; If the bearing should be regularly filled with lubricating oil, the user shall bear the relevant expenses. The relevant service charges arising from the overhaul, inspection, relocation, maintenance, etc. of the power facilities whose property rights belong to the user shall be independently negotiated and agreed by the owner and the service unit in accordance with the market-oriented principle. The power enterprise shall not force the owner to designate or change the service unit. Power enterprises should actively accept social supervision on the charging items that need to be retained; Items not included in the list shall not be charged

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